I grew up in a family of good cooks. A store-bought cookie was considered a treat as all of our sweets were homemade! I was lucky enough to have a mom and grandmother who loved to bake and taught me how to do a lot of things. I have always done the baking for our family restaurant…Joseph’s Spaghetti Shed. The restaurant originally served breakfast so I was busy with our homemade coffee cake and muffins. When we began serving lunch and dinner I started making all of the pies, cakes, and other dessert goodies. I always wanted to have a bakery, but the restaurant took so much of my time that it just never happened.

A storefront bakery might not have been workable for me, but about 25 years ago I started baking cakes and goodies to order…and, then, taught myself how to make, frost, and deliver wedding cakes. The Sugarmaker Bakery became my second business. I love the joy yummy desserts bring to people and it is definitely a bit of an artistic outlet. I like that I can help people create happy memories and that the special moments in their lives are a little sweeter with my help.

Both my businesses…Joseph’s Spaghetti Shed & Italian Market and The Sugarmaker Bakery…are intertwined. With the addition of the Italian Market, I am experimenting with new bakery items and enjoying the opportunity to introduce more of my goodies to my guests. As you gather with family and friends I hope I can help you with your celebration…or, just celebrating today! Make every day a sweeter day!